Rotel 965bx upgrades for iphone

As above, in perfect operating, and pretty good aesthetic, condition with a uk mains cable, but no remote control. The purpose of this system is pure selfish pleasure, and for a long time, nothing has come along that has induced me to tamper with it. Rotel ra1062 amplifier overview and full product specs on cnet. I have connected to the audio input of an amplifier rotel ra980bx the following. And soundquality wise, the 965 packs a pretty good wallop in the short term, which is just fine for people who only listen to certain tracks that show off bass, cymbal crashes. Congratulation rotel added a nice iphone ipodtouch ipad application to control your outstanding product line of receivers via iphone. I scanned a lot of threads, and i decided to upgrade it myself. Rotel 965bx cd player upgrade with burson hd opamps. Rotel diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. For sale rotel rcd965bx discrete edition cd player. Posted by petrolhead in archived classifieds jan 29, 2018 messages. Back in the 80s and 90s rotel had two classics cd players one was the 855 and then came along the giant killer the rcd965bx which took on rivals costing far more and gave most of them a good run for there money.

The attention to detail rotel afforded the rcd 965bx resulted in a unit that wasnt flashy but extracted as much as it could from a piece of music. I can say that it wasnt the 1541 rotel only made four players that utilized that specific chip, and the rcd955ax was the last one to do so. My current cd player, a rotel rcd 965bx, is 25 years old and im thinking it may be time for an upgrade. Buying, selling, collecting on ebay has never been more exciting. It was also unencumbered by too many features just the bare essentials and not much more. As it didnt cost me alot ive got nothing to lose really. The alpha 7 featured a modular design, so an upgrade path was possible. Anywayid recommend removing the base,an amazing improvement that costs nothing. I recently tested cambridge c640, marantz sa7001 and rega apollo and arcam. The rotel remote app allows control of network attached rotel hifi electronic products. Pass labs d1 or wadia 8xx with huntley upgrade any experienced ownerslisteners out there that can comment on whether i would obtain better sound from my existing cd player, a rotel 965bx, and adding the pass labs d1 dac or obtaining some wadia like the 830, 850, or 860 and sending it steve huntley. If you know this cdp you also know how extremely musical it is performing well above what its price. Ive picked one up for a 5 quid from a local car boot. Always planned on doing the upgrades, just never got around to it.

Net audio rockclock mk3 and audio clock psu upgrade to rotel rcd965bx. I realise these are getting a bit old these days but has served me well over the years, can you guys offer any suggestions as to whether its worth upgrading any components in them to gain some. Marantz sr8500 and rotel rcd965bx discrete opamp upgrade. This is the rareish discrete edition of the popular and well regarded rotel cd player. The 965bx probably shares more in common with the 970bx i previously owned. Depending upon the rotel model, you may need to update the software on the device for it to work with the app. No player in the budget arena at the time could match its qualities. The rotel remote allows control of iradio, fmdab and upnp enabled computers. Rt1024 fuse type led warm white 12v dial meter lamps upgrade. Comments on the modifications done on the rotel 965 bx cd player which included hd audio opamps, low jitter clock and low. Net audio rockclock mk3 and audio clock psu upgrade to rotel rcd965bx, listening test on tntaudio internet hifi magazine. Rotel rcd 965bx cd player with remote control in lochwinnoch. Supported products include both 12 series and 15 series models supported rotel products can be connected together using rotellink allowing products that do not have network connectivity to be controlled via the app. To purchase rcd965 spares or accessories, please contact the company via their website or visit an authorised retailer.

Significantly upgraded over both the standard machine and the le, this features high quality black gate caps throughout much of the internals see pictures and most importantly, a rotel uk fully discrete output stage. This class ab rotel mkii stereo amplifier uses monoblock circuitry, keeping a low signaltonoise ratio of 116db for a purer listening experience. When i put this all together a couple months ago, i started noticing my cd player would pause or skip time to time. My roksan xerxes turntable, tape deck, tuner and royd eden speakers are all long gone. Channel your inner audiophile with this rotel mkii stereo amplifier.

Would any of you know anything about this limited edition rotel rcd 965bx cd player. The rotel had good resolution, but it was hardedged and had digital glare. The first thing to notice is the outstanding graphic design and quality of. Rotel rcd965 manual compact disc player hifi engine. I have a rotel 965bx unmodded that i have been very happy with. Rotel remote works with the rotel rcx1500, rdg1520, rt09 and rt1570 products. So for serious listening, i added a rotel rcd 965bx limited edition cd player. Ive been meaning to get into cd collecting and im wondering if the sound quality from this player will be. Rotel rcd 965bx 1991 the success of rotel s budget player was down to a number of factors. Rotel rcd965bx with single discrete opamp and clock. Download rotel remote and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad and ipod touch.

It was an effortless, natural and convincing performer, and it could slot into the most modest of systems without fuss. I am currently running a rotel rcd 965bx cd player digitally into a cambridge audio dacmagic then into my receiver via audioquest interconnects. Since the onix has a phono input, ive even occasionally plopped a turntable onto the desk and gone all analog. Also use a rotel 965bx for playing those funny little silver things. Does anyone have any experience or advice on modding a rotel 965bx cd. I have mated the 965bx to an msb gold link iii and its been spinning nicely, but sometimes i think the standalone unit was better.

The left and right channels each pack 200w rms of power to deliver stronger audio signals with a frequency response of 10hz 100khz. I now prefer to listen to the rotel and more importantly, i no longer have a great urge to look for the next cd upgrade. I didnt mod the 965, didnt feel like it needed any mods. View and download rotel rcd 965bx owners manual online. Rotel rb 970bx stereo power amplifier amp, hifi separate. Its interesting that you bring up the topic of using a dac. I seem to recall reading something about this a while ago. The attention to detail rotel afforded the rcd965bx resulted in a. In the case of the 965bx, its actually a total redesign of the 865bx, with the newer philips saa7323 bitstream dac replacing the 7321 used in the 865 footnote 1, and a better power supply. New listing sony rcdw1 cdrrw digital recorderplayer works greatno remote type.

Rotel 965bx cd player upgrade with burson hd opamps, burson jitter correction clock and burson regulators by eric k. For sale is a classic rotel rcd 965bx cd player with remote. Introducing the newest rotel remote app for ios rotel. Rotel rmb1095 didnt find the need to mod it best amp ive ever had and loads of detail for ht or two channel. Im not sure which chips either of these two players used. Discussion in classifieds started by coltrane, jun 22, 2019.

Please consult your dealer for upgrade instructions and assistance. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by rotel. Need help for connecting to amplifier rotel ra980bx. The rest of my system comprises of naim nac42nap140 amps and mission mx1 speakers. Ive had one rb970bx power amp for many years and recently acquired another two, which i am using to power a surround system. It played on for 8 years unreal, but original panasonic aa general purpose batteries are still going. Rotel 965bx cd player upgrade with burson hd opamps, burson.

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