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Beast wars, transformers, autobots, decepticons, maximals, predacons, and all things relating to transformers are all registered trademarks. Blackarachnia, quickstrike, and tarantulas are sent to a cave full of energon to build a new fueling station. In an unknown star system, a transwarp portal opens, releasing two starships. However, dinobot makes an investigation that changes everything. Watch beast wars season 3, episode 11 other victories aka closure.

Beast wars is an american animated television series. The series premiered on september 16, 1996 and ended on march 7, 1999. For example, the heroic lio convoy could turn into a lion, while the evil galvatron transformed into a dragon. The predacons soon come under attack from a mysterious feral beast. As the maximals begin to fade from the time stream, blackarachnia switches sides and saves optimus prime with a life. Deep within the depths of outer space an unknown enemy exists. While i was hoping that season 3 would at least be a little longer than episodes long but im satisfied in what they were able to accomplish for the whole beast wars. Beast wars is a computeranimated cartoon which premiered in u. Already carrying the scars of battle, both ships immediately open fire upon each other. Megatron creates a transmetal ii clone of dinobot, and cheetor and depth charge attempt to interrupt the process. Throughout the first season, before the major revelation that the show took place on ancient earth, both the maximals and predacons reference and namedrop multiple transformers and conflicts, most famously the dreaded unicron from the original film, who appears in a flashback and in person as a.

Using terrorsaur to discover how the transportation occurred, dinobot goes to optimus with a plan to beam a bomb to the predacon base. After losing a prototype commlink developed by rhinox, cheetor tries to redeem himself by sneaking into the predacons base. Jan 31, 2020 beast wars seasons 1 3 watch free hd streams on tubi by bacon on january 31, 2020 with this weeks announcement of a transformers beast wars movie spinoff in development by hasbro and paramount. After traveling into the distant past via a transwarp drive, a band of benevolent maximals track a pack of powerseeking predacons to a mysterious planet. On the maximal ship, a youthful crewmember reports on. As the maximals begin to fade from the time stream, blackarachnia switches sides and saves optimus prime with a lifesupport machine. So i looked over a year for this and i found it here for less than what i paid for season one. Cheetors exposure to megatrons machine is beginning to change him into a beast mutant. Jul 02, 2009 beast wars was produced by mainframe entertainment inc. Beast wars ran for three amazing seasons, won an emmy award for outstanding individual achievement in animation and introduced a new generation of fans to the astonishing world of the transformers. The time storm fades, but prime is still in danger so optimus. Beast wars gets darker starting in the second season but also more awesome. In japan, beast wars only refers to season 1 whereas season 2 and 3 were combined into a single 26 episode series called beast wars metals. I like the transmetal forms that some of the transformers get but i dont like how one of the predacons was killed off and certain characters were abducted just to.

May 05, 2020 sentient robots, the heroic maximals and the evil predacons, battle for survival against each other and against nature on a primitive planet. Beast wars was followed by beast machines season 1 episodes. Oct 24, 2009 beast wars was produced by mainframe entertainment inc. Beast wars transformers the complete second season. A maximal science vessel and a fugitive predacon starship crash land on a mysterious, primitive world. Tarantulas has his own plans for the energon, however, and tries to persuade the other two predacons to turn against megatron. This is a list of episodes from the animated television series beast wars.

A battle in space forces the maximals and predicons to crash onto an unknown planet, where the energon, which transforme. The maximals try to place a predacon detection system during an energon storm and cheetor somehow ends up in the darksyde, while terrorsaur ends up in the axalon. Region 1 us and canada this dvd will probably not be viewable in. Jan 26, 2015 watch beast wars s1e03 the web thotpran on dailymotion. Meanwhile cheetor discovers an energon vein running between both bases. Rating is available when the video has been rented. A sequel to the original transformers series, beast wars featured autobots and decepticons descendants, the maxamals and predacons, who land on an unknown planet and end up taking the transforming roles of the animals scanned by their ships. Unlike most transformers, which could take the forms of cats, trucks, or planes, the characters in beast wars ii took the form of animals. Transformers 1996 ian james corlett and scott mcneil in beast wars. An explosion at the predacon base leaves no survivors, and the maximals assume they have scored a final victory in the beast wars. Enraged by the apparent failure to land on earth, dinobot challenges megatron for leadership of the predacons, but. Now you can see the first 26 incredible episodes of this breathtaking animated epic.

They scan for beast forms to protect their robot forms from the planets large amount of energon. However, in the episode commentary on madman entertainments beast wars season 1 dvds, story editor bob forward states that primal originally had a very complex way of breaking free involving tools and the dexterity of his beast mode appendages, but the animators changed this to just him busting out, possibly due to time and monetary constraints. Transformers is a daytime emmy awardwinning computeranimated television series that premiered on april 22, 1996 in syndication in the united states though reviled by many transformers fans when it first hit the airwaves in 1996, beast wars is now considered by many to be among the finest examples of transformers storytelling, striking a happy balance between character, humor. Code of hero is definitely the highlight of season 2 and arguably the best episode of the entire show. Dec 08, 2017 bottom line, if you liked this series when it was on tv back in the 90s and missed your chance at the older dvd set, snatch this one up and transformers beast wars. Transformers is a 52 episode cgi animated television series, produced by mainframe entertainment, that debuted in 1996, serving as the flagship of the beast wars franchise which also included transformers. Beast wars was produced by mainframe entertainment inc. Watch beast wars online full episodes of season 3 to 1 yidio. However, tarantulas captures cheetor, leaving it up to rattrap to rescue him. Dec 26, 2007 transformers beast wars ii 1998 is a japanese anime series inspired by the toys and cartoons.

Optimus and rattrap enter to rescue her, while the predacons stand outside, ready to break the truce at a moments notice. The time storm fades, but prime is still in danger so optimus primal takes primes spark into his body to stabilize it until primes body is repaired. Transformers beast wars s 2 e 2 coming of the fuzors part 1. Sep 27, 2012 the glorious deaths of beast wars pt 1. The energy from primes spark causes primals body to mutate into a new optimal optimus. Transformers beast wars ii online full episodes of season 2. It is worth every penny in my opinion, which really isnt all that much for what youre getting.

After travelling into the distant past via a transwarp drive, the maximals battle the predacons in outer space, but both ships crash land on a. The series was set in the future of the original transformers universe as a sequel to the first transformers series. Jan 11, 2015 beast wars, part 1 after travelling into the distant past via a transwarp drive, the maximals battle the predacons in outer space, but both ships crash land on a mysterious planet. But help has come from a very unlikely ally who finds that shes in the same boat as the maximals. Jul 21, 2017 for a show that enraged a vocal portion of the g1 fanbase, it sure gave them a lot of love. Dec 25, 2017 everything that you didnt think would happen, happen in this season along with the big series 2 part finale and bringing the beast wars generation 1 story line to a great end.

Transformers season 1 episode 25 other voices 1 an alien spacecraft lands and captures airrazor while shes examining it. Factory 2005 beast wars classic episodes where the beasties began. Cho seimeitai transformer is a japaneseexclusive spinoff series to beast wars broadcast from april 1, 1998, to january 27, 1999, between beast wars american season 1 and beast wars metals american seasons 2 and 3. The maximals are sent into a time storm after megatron attempts to destroy one of their ancestors.

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